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How to warm a bottle of formula for a baby
05 Oct 2017

If you are making up formula fresh for each feed, the water will be slightly warm (around room temperature) and so usually will not need extra heating. Have a look at the topic Bottle formula - making up formula.

If you have made up extra bottles of water or formula in advance and get them out of the fridge, some babies will drink the cold formula, but most like it warm.

The best way to warm the formula or water is to put the bottle in a small container of warm water such as a cup of water (not hot or boiling). Or place the bottle in a sink of warm water. Warm water means you can comfortably put your hand in the water.  

If you have warmed up water in a bottle, then add the right number of scoops of formula. Shake it well.

Don't warm the formula for more than 10 minutes. This is because germs might grow in the formula, or it may be too hot for your baby. Bottle warmers can also be used. Follow the product instructions carefully.

Once you think the formula is warm (around room temperature), check the temperature, then test a few drops of milk on your wrist first. It should feel just a little warm or even cool, not too warm or hot.

It is not recommended to use a microwave to heat your baby's bottle. Most microwaves heat things unevenly, so the milk might have "hot spots" that could burn your baby's mouth.

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