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Brrr... it’s cold!
01 Jun 2017

 We are lucky in South Australia to have fairly mild autumns and winters, and we still get sunshine. Yay!

But it can feel really cold at times, as nights are longer and days get shorter.

Often we can go out in the morning to sunny skies, and then clouds rush up and wind starts to blow and… suddenly we are 'freezing' - well, not really, but we certainly feel it when there is that sudden change in temperature.

So what can you do about it? Here are some tips on how to avoid 'freezing'!

  • Wear layers of clothes. You can always take off a jumper or put one on if the weather changes.
  • Take a jacket with you.
  • Move about as much as possible. Standing chatting in the playground is a sure way to get cold, so run around, play a game and keep active.
  • If you get wet, change out of wet clothes, as sitting around in them will make you feel even colder.
  • Take a collapsible umbrella in your school bag, or a cheap plastic poncho will keep you dry and takes up very little space.
  • If you play sport, make sure you warm up for a longer time than you would in summer, as your muscles take longer to be ready for exercise when it's cold.
  • Make sure you have a warm jacket or woollen jumper to put on after sport.
  • Remember to wear sunscreen every day, as even in winter the sun can damage your skin.
  • Don't huddle over the heater at home. Get out and get active and you'll soon feel warm.
  • There are lots of indoor sports halls where you can play soccer, cricket, dance, march, do gymnastics, fence and a whole lot more without it all being too expensive. Your body will enjoy the exercise and it's a good way to make new friends too.
  • Did you help your family get your house and garden ready for winter? It's a great time to learn some useful skills for when you grow up to be an adul.
  • Carry a spare pair of socks with you - you can change into them if your feet get wet (nothing worse than cold wet socks to make you feel cold and miserable).

 Keep warm, keep dry and keep active and you will not feel the cold.