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Who can you talk to when you are worried?
24 Sep 2018

We get a lot of feedback from kids who are worried.

Worrying about something doesn’t make it any easier to cope.

  • Maybe they are being bullied?
  • Maybe their parents or carers are fighting?
  • Maybe you are afraid that your family could become homeless?
  • Maybe someone is very sick and you are afraid that there will be no one to look after you?

Talking to someone you trust may not make the problem go away but it can help you feel better to have talked about it.

Sometimes the person you talk to may be able to help you deal with the problem.

Do you have trusted adults in your life? People like your mum, dad, grandparents, aunties and uncles, older brothers and sisters, your teacher, social worker, school counsellor or religious leader.

They can listen while you talk and sometimes that is enough to make you feel better that you have ‘got it off your chest’ as the saying goes.

Trusted adults may be able to help you themselves or help you to find someone who can support you through worrying times.

We have written some topics which you may find helpful

If you are not comfortable talking to someone you know or are worried that talking to a family member may make things worse then there are websites where you can email or talk to someone about your worries.

Kid's Helpline For children, teens and young adults who want to talk about things that are worrying them