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Child development: 12-15 years

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The early adolescent years are a time of rapid change physically, socially and emotionally. In all areas of life it is the beginning of your child's transition from childhood to adulthood and probably a bit of wandering in nobody's-land on the way.

It can be a most challenging and anxiety-provoking time for a parent. No matter how unreceptive or even downright hostile your teenager appears, it is important to remember that they need you as much or more than they ever did. It is just that it is harder for them to show they need you or to accept your help or guidance!

There are many topics on this site about living with teenagers, changes they are experiencing and difficult times. These include: 

The Raising Children Network website has a lot of information about early-teens, including information about development, behaviour, fitness, health and daily care. As well as articles there are several videos. The Raising Children Network site has been funded by the Australian Government.

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