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Bushfires - helping children recover after a bushfire

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Natural disasters such as the bushfires that often ravage parts of the Adelaide Hills and other parts of South Australia and Australia, can be extremely traumatic to children and adult survivors, so it is important to know the signs of trauma and to seek help to get through this difficult time.

Children can be particularly vulnerable in a time of crisis. The loss of the family home, a loved pet or even a favourite toy (and even the threat of such events), may be amplified for a child and they may need extra support to try to make sense of the situation and start their journey to recovery.

Reports of bushfires often are repeated many times on television and it is hard for children to understand how they might affect themselves and people they care for (family, other children at school).

There are many topics on this site that will help you understand how children may be affected, and how to help them as well as links to a range of services which can offer further support. 

Also there are also many topics on our Kid's Health section of this website which provide useful information on how to talk to children and young people about a crisis situation,Topics on this site

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