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Feeding toddlers - tips for happy meal times

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It is normal for toddlers to be less interested in food than they were as babies.

  • Toddlers grow more slowly than babies and their appetites are smaller.
  • Toddlers want to be independent, so they like saying 'no' to food – this is normal.
  • Toddlers are developing their movement skills – they want to spend more time exploring and playing and this leaves less time for eating and drinking.

The world is becoming a very exciting place and there are lots more interesting things to do than eat! Getting into battles with toddlers about food and eating can only make life miserable for everyone.

If you are having problems the topic Fussy eating - toddlers and young children might be useful.

To find out more:

Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN), Nutrition department http://www.wch.sa.gov.au/ 

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