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Going to hospital for the birth of your baby

ospital; water; breaks; contractions; admission; blood; bleeding; pain; movements;



Contacting the hospital

You should contact the hospital where you are giving birth if:

  • your water breaks (even though you may not be experiencing contractions)
  • if the contractions are becoming stronger, regular and painful
  • you are experiencing increasing abdominal discomfort
  • you have any blood loss
  • your baby's movements reduce
  • you are uncertain about what is happening
  • you are concerned or anxious.

Telephone before going to hospital.

Early labour at home 

When your contractions start they may be quite irregular in length and strength. Early labour usually happens at home.

Have a look at the topic 'Early labour - the first stage'.

Getting ready and what to bring to hospital

Whether you are planning to have your baby in hospital, a midwifery led birth centre or at home, you should get a few things ready at least two weeks before your due date.

The Pregnancy, Birth and Baby website has a lot of information in their topic 'Going to hospital'.

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