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Abdominal pain (stomach ache) - children

Aboriginal parenting and families

About babies

Acquired brain injury - children

Anger - helping your child to manage it Updated

Apraxia (dyspraxia) - effects on speech

Attachment - babies, young children and their parents

Auditory processing disorder - children


Babies - common questions and answers

Babies - day and night patterns in the early months

Babies in hot weather Updated

Baby exercise jumpers (jolly jumpers) Updated

Baby massage

Baby walkers Updated

Baby's head shape - plagiocephaly


Behaviour -guiding children's behaviour - 'time in' (see: Time in: guiding children’s behaviour)

Being a dad

Being a mum

Being a parent Updated

Biting - children biting Updated

Bottle feeding - all about infant formula

Bottle feeding - cleaning and sterilising bottles and equipment

Bottle feeding - drinks for babies

Bottle feeding - feeding your baby with formula

Bottle feeding - making up formula

Bottle feeding - soy infant formulas

Breastfeeding - a new baby

Breastfeeding - devices to help with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding - expressing and storing breastmilk

Breastfeeding - for fathers

Breastfeeding - looking after yourself

Breastfeeding - medicines and drugs

Breastfeeding - not enough milk

Breastfeeding - questions and answers

Breastfeeding - sore breasts and nipples

Breastfeeding - too much milk

Breastfeeding - weaning from the breast

Breastfeeding - when babies won't feed

Bronchiolitis (wheezing babies)

Bushfires - helping children recover after a bushfire Updated


Car safety restraints Updated

Car safety seats and capsules for babies and children (see: Car safety restraints) Updated

Cheating, losing and winning - children (see: Winning, losing and cheating - children)

Chickenpox Updated

Child abuse and neglect Updated

Child development: 0-3 months

Child development: 1-2 years

Child development: 10-12 years

Child development: 12-15 years

Child development: 2-3 years

Child development: 3-4 years

Child development: 3-6 months

Child development: 4-5 years

Child development: 5-6 years

Child development: 6-9 months

Child development: 6-9 years

Child development: 9-12 months

Child safety Updated

Children and babies in hospital Updated

Children with a disability Updated

Children with hearing loss - hearing impairment

Children's grief (see: Grief and loss - children) Updated

Choking on food and other objects - children Updated

Coeliac disease in children

Colic in babies

Conjunctivitis (sticky eye) Updated

Constipation in babies and children

Cots - what to look for Updated

Cow's milk allergy - babies

Cradle cap

Cross gender behaviour of children - cross dressing


Crying baby


Depression in children Updated

Developmental delay

Discipline - how parents can discipline children

Discipline - what is discipline? Updated

Discipline for different ages

Discipline for toddlers (see: Toddlers - tips for toddler troubles)

Domestic violence hurts children Updated

Dummies, thumbs and other comforters


Eating things that are not food - pica

Eczema - babies and children

Enuresis (see: Bedwetting)

Exclusion for infectious diseases - keeping sick children away from others

Eyes (see: Your baby's eyes)


Family break-up - helping children cope

Fathers - your relationship with your baby Updated

Fathers – settling a baby Updated

Fathers and depression after the birth of their baby Updated

Fears - babies, toddlers and young children Updated

Febrile convulsions - fits caused by fever

Feeding babies and toddlers - finger foods

Feeding children

Feeding toddlers - 10 tips for happy meal times

Feeding toddlers - introduction

Feeding toddlers – what and how much?

Feeding your baby

Feeling sick - when children are unwell

Fever - children

Fifth disease (see: Slapped face disease - Parvovirus B19 infection )

Fish for young children

Foods for babies (solids) 1 - how and when to start

Foods for babies (solids) 2 - questions and answers

Fruit and vegetables for young children

Fused labia (labial adhesions) - babies and young girls

Fussy babies (see: Fussy behaviour in babies - wonder weeks)

Fussy behaviour in babies - wonder weeks

Fussy eating - toddlers and young children


Gait - the way children walk

Gastroenteritis - babies and children


Grief and loss - children Updated

Growing and learning with babies

Growing pains

Guiding children's behaviour - 'time in' (see: Time in: guiding children’s behaviour)


Hand, foot and mouth disease - children Updated

Head banging - young children Updated

Head injuries - babies and children Updated

Headaches - children

Health checks - babies and young children

Hearing and hearing loss - babies and children


High fibre diet for children

Hips - developmental dysplasia of the hip in babies

Home safety for children Updated

How children learn

Hydrocephalus and shunts


Imaginary friends

Immunisation of children

Infections in the ear canal (otitis externa or swimmer's ear)

Infectious Diseases (exclusion) (see: Exclusion for infectious diseases - keeping sick children away from others)

Intellectual disability - children Updated

Iron rich foods for babies and growing children


Keeping sick children away from others (see: Exclusion for infectious diseases - keeping sick children away from others)


Lactose intolerance in babies

Language delay - young children

Learning in young children (see: How children learn)

Learning to talk

Leaving home - for parents of teenagers and young adults

Leg Pains (see: Growing pains)

Literacy - more than reading and writing

Losing, winning and cheating - children (see: Winning, losing and cheating - children)

Low lactose diet for children


Male breasts at puberty - (gynaecomastia)

Medicines for fever and pain - babies and children Updated

Meningitis Updated

Middle ear infections (Otitis Media) Updated

Milestones: Children 0-4 years

Milk for toddlers

Motor development (see: Moving around - motor development of babies and toddlers)

Moving around - motor development of babies and toddlers


Nappy rash

Never shake a baby Updated

New mums

New parents

Night terrors - sleep terrors (children)


Noise and hearing - children and teenagers

Nose bleeds


Parenting arrangements after separation

Parenting children - what is your parenting style?

Parents with a mental illness

Parvovirus B19 infection (see: Slapped face disease - Parvovirus B19 infection )

Passive smoking - protecting babies and children

Pertussis (see: Whooping cough (pertussis)) Updated

Physical activity for children

Physical disability - children Updated

Play with children

Poisoning - keeping children safe

Poos, wees and nappies



Rash under the chin and in other skin folds in babies - intertrigo

Rashes in babies - roseola infantum Updated

Reactions to food - babies and children

Reading with children (see: Why stories are important)

Reflux in babies - bringing milk up


Safe sleep for babies and toddlers

Sandpits Updated


Seat belts for children (see: Car safety restraints) Updated

Self-esteem for children and teenagers

Separation anxiety

Settling a crying baby (see: Crying baby)

Shaken baby (see: Never shake a baby) Updated

Shyness - children

SIDS (see: Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy (SUDI) - including SIDS) Updated

Single parenting Updated

Sinusitis - children

Slapped face disease - Parvovirus B19 infection

Sleep - 3 to 6 months

Sleep - 3 years to 6 years

Sleep - 6 months to 3 years

Sleep - birth to 3 months

Sleep in early childhood Updated

Sleep walking and sleep talking - children

Sleeping bags for babies (see: Wrapping babies safely - and sleeping bags)

Soiling and chronic constipation in children

Sore Eyes (see: Conjunctivitis (sticky eye)) Updated

Soy infant formulas (see: Bottle feeding - soy infant formulas)

Speech Development (see: Learning to talk)

Sport for children

Story time with babies and young children (see: Why stories are important)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (see: Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy (SUDI) - including SIDS) Updated

Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy (SUDI) - including SIDS Updated

Sun protection for children

Swallowed objects - children swallowing small objects Updated

Swearing - when children swear


Tantrums Updated

Teasing of children

Teeth - decay and erosion

Teeth - dental care for children

Teeth - development and teething

Testes (testicles) - babies and children

Thinking of separating - separation and its effects on children

Thrush - babies and breastfeeding

Time in: guiding children’s behaviour

Toddlers - feeding toddlers (see: Feeding toddlers - introduction)

Toddlers - fussy eating (see: Fussy eating - toddlers and young children)

Toddlers - keeping them safe Updated

Toddlers - living with toddlers Updated

Toddlers - tips for toddler troubles

Toilet training

Tongue-tie: breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Tonsillitis Updated

Turned eyes (squint)

Turned neck in babies - congenital torticollis


Umbilical care and umbilical hernia - babies and young children

Unsettled Baby (see: Crying baby)

Urinary tract infection in young children (UTIs) Updated


Vegetarian diets for children

Vegetarian eating for young people

Vision (see: Your baby's eyes)

Vision - short sightedness (myopia)

Vision impairment - children


Water - drinking water

Weight problems in childhood

What are babies like? (see: Babies - common questions and answers)

Whooping cough (pertussis) Updated

Why stories are important

Wind in babies

Winning, losing and cheating - children

Wonders weeks - fussy behaviour in babies (see: Fussy behaviour in babies - wonder weeks)

Wrapping babies safely - and sleeping bags


Yelling in the family - effects on children

Young people, body image and food

Your baby's eyes

Your baby's new-born hearing screening