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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families

The Child and Family Health Service (CaFHS) has a number of Aboriginal Cultural Child and Family Support Consultants (ACCFSC’s) whose role is to support parents of an Aboriginal identified infant and Aboriginal identified infants in the following:

  • gaining access to and engaging with CaFHS services and staff
  • home and/or clinic visits
  • parent education
  • child development
  • linking families in to other identified service supports
  • guiding non-Aboriginal CaFHS staff in providing culturally sensitive services to Aboriginal infants children and families.

 Our ACCFSCs work with nursing and allied health staff by engaging with families to ensure their cultural needs are considered during their interactions with CaFHS.

The consultants contribute to improving the health, development and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal children and families by providing culturally appropriate parenting support, and supporting families to engage with health services within both CaFHS and the broader community.

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to an ACCFSC, please contact CaFHS on 1300 733 606 and ask for an Aboriginal staff member to give you a call back.


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