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Information for young people and their families

We see young people who are:

  • currently or previously under the Guardianship of the Minister
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • young pregnant and/or parenting women and their partners
  • refugees
  • not able to live at home
  • same sex attracted and/or gender diverse
  • currently at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre

 AND who are struggling to understand and/or attend to their own health needs.

Interpreters can be arranged if necessary. Simply let us know your language and if there are gender requirements.

What we offer

Our services include:

  • assessment and management of general medical issues (or doctor and nurse clinics – appointment needed)
  • immunisation
  • sexual health 
  • assessment and screening
  • Pap smears 
  • contraception advice (including emergency contraception)
  • pregnancy testing and referral
  • antenatal and post natal care
  • health education
  • drug and alcohol issues
  • programs for pregnant and parenting young women and their partners, including: 
  • health care, education, training and career pathways
  • case management and group activities.

Getting in contact with us

You can contact us directly or be referred to us from another service provider.

Once in contact with us we will check to make sure that we are the right service for you.  

If we think another service may be better able to meet your needs we will link you directly to them.

Otherwise you will be contacted by a youth health worker, nurse or Aboriginal clinical health worker for an initial assessment.  This will identify what further care or appointments are needed.

Have your say

We want our service to be a safe and supportive space for young people and your feedback and participation is important.  So get involved and have your say.

You can:

  • talk with us about developing a program to suit your specific needs
  • provide feedback on services through surveys or a feedback form
  • join a youth advisory group
  • contact the Consumer Feedback Coordinator on 8161 6710 or by email via Consumer Feedback Coordinator.
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