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Getting to know your baby

A strong relationship with your baby in the first year of life is an important foundation for their social, emotional and mental development.

Babies interact with their world through their senses. They fall in love with their parents/caregivers through sight, sound, touch, movement, taste and smell. Your interactions with them, teach them that they have a secure base from which to discover and explore the world, and a safe haven to return to.

Below are a list of websites that show how your baby’s brain continues to develop and ways in which you can build on your relationship with your baby.

Australian Association for Infant Mental Health

Website - AAIMH
Website - aimhi letter

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne
Centre of Community Child Health

 Website - CCCH 1 Website - CCCH 2
The Brain builders video presents the science of how children’s brains develop, using an engaging and accessible story that highlights the importance of all children having the nurturing experiences they need to support positive development and growth.

Circle of Security website

 Website - Circle of Security
Website - Circle of Security 3
Parenting SA – Parent Easy Guides

 Website - PEGs 1

 Website - PEGs 7

Website - PEGs 8
Website - PEGs 9


Raising Children Network website

 Website - RCN Website - RCN 0-1 month
Website - RCN 1-2 months
Website - RCN 2-3 months
Website - RCN baby cues
Website - RCN bonding
Website - RCN baby massge in pics
Website - RCN baby cues in pics
Website - RCN subscribe
Website - RCN 1000 days

Deadly Kids SA

 Website - SAH Deadly poster

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