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Development, play and safety

Play is a crucial part of development for all babies as this is how they learn about themselves and the world around them. Although most babies follow a similar pattern or sequence of development, there is a broad ‘expected’ age range for achieving milestones.

Below are a list of websites which illustrate the developmental milestones during the first few months and years and what you might expect to see your baby achieve. If you are ever concerned about your baby’s development, please speak with your CaFHS nurse who can provide you with support and advice.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne:
Centre of Community Child Health

Website - CCCH 1
Website - CCCH 2

Parenting SA – Parent Easy Guides

 Website - PEGs 1
 Website - PEGs keeping children safe
Website - PEGs milestones 0-4
Website - PEGs growing and learning
Website - PEGs developmental delay

Circle of Security website


 Website - Circle of Security
 Website - Circle of Security 3

Kidsafe SA


Website - Kidsafe 1
 Website - Kidsafe 2
Website - Kidsafe 3
Website - Kidsafe 4

Playgroup SA


SA Department for Education
Greatstart: Everyday ideas for learning

Website - PlaygroupSA
Website - Greatstart

My Health and Development Record

 Blue Book thumbnail 

Raising Children Network website

 Website - RCN 
Website - RCN 0-1 month
Website - RCN 1-2 months
Website - RCN 2-3 months
Website - RCN baby cues
Website - RCN anger
Website - RCN baby massge in pics
Website - RCN CPR
Website - RCN choking
Website - RCN tummy time
Website - RCN subscribe
Website - RCN play learning ATSI
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